PhotoIRmote is a DSLR Remote Timer Controller for android devices. It allows you to shoot your camera remotely, using an IRmitter (IR emitter) connected to your phone or a CableMod (modified cable).


Since most of the  smartphones don’t have a built-in IR emitter, you’ll need to DIY an IRmitter by your own. It’s really easy and cheap (~ 1$). Probably you already know how to build it. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can visit our DIY Tutorials section. Also, if you want to use the cable, you’ll have to built it yourself by 1$ and following a couple of easy steps.


PhotoIRmote Instructions.


Simple shooter:

  1. Connect the IRmitter to your phone and point it toward the IR sensor of your camera.
  2. Set your DSLR camera to “IR remote mode”. See your DSLR camera manual if you don’t know how to do that.
  3. Go to “Menu”>”Configuration”>”Camera model” and select your DSLR camera model in order to set the proper IR signal.
  4. Use the “Release Button” to shoot your camera remotely.


Timer Controller (intervalometer) shooter:

You can use PhotoIRmote as a programable shutter release.

Self-Timer Mode. It sets when the shutter opens.
Interval Timer Mode. It sets how frequently the shutter opens.
Long-Exposure Timer Mode. It sets how long the shutter stays open.
Exposure Count Mode. It sets how many exposures the camera will make in total. If you set the counter to 000, the number of exposures will limited only by the amount of memory card space available. You can stop pressing again the Release Button.

You can also combine modes. For instance, you can program PhotoIRmote to wait 5min, release the shutter, then take a total of 25 exposures at 2min intervals.

    1. Operating distance is up to about 3 meters. However, this distance may vary due to lighting conditions or camera brand.
    2. “Amplify Signal” is activated by default. We recommend not to change this option unless neccesary.
    3. PhotoIRmote doesn’t work on Samsung Galaxy S (we are trying to fix this).
    1. You may want to use Airplane Mode while using PhotoIRmote in order to not receive any phone calls or sms that could ruin your photo session.
    2. You can check that your IRmitter works properly using the “Test IRmitter” option. Go to “Menu”>”Test IRmitter”. Point your IRmitter towards your phone camera and press “Test”. If you can see your IRmitter blinking, that’s OK!
    3. Visit our web to get more information, make suggestions or FAQ.