PhotoIRmote v21

We’re working hard on the new update. It will be launched in a couple of weeks.

Some new features will be added. Hope you like and find them useful.

We have fixed some bugs and resize the app for the small screens. PhotoIRmote v21 will look like this on small screens.

12 Responses to PhotoIRmote v21

  1. Alex says:

    Tengo el programa,he comprado el led infrarrojo en eBay,y con una Canon 500D no funciona,he configurado la cámara en el modo disparador remoto o mando a distancia.En fin,he seguido los pasos y nada.¿Por favor me podéis explicar que puede ser?

  2. Alexandre says:

    Application is expected to work with the Galaxy S4 and its built-in infra red?
    Alexandre – Brazil

    • wegroo says:

      Hi, Alexandre,
      SGS4 built-in IR support has been added in the new version 2.1 So yes, PhotoIRmote does really work with SGS4 without need of any extra hardware.

  3. Pedro says:

    I need to make 5 identical photographs but with different shutter speeds:
    1 second, 1/8, 1/60, 1/500, 1/4000
    I can do this with the application?
    I can program these five shots for the camera automatically makes them?
    thank you very much


  4. frank says:

    All is ok with a Canon EOS 350d with a Motorola Defy ! But don’t work with a Canon EOS 300D…
    Is-it possible to have a night mode (red) for astrophotographer ?

  5. vasya says:

    Samsung n8000 not work ir

  6. David Gacuca says:

    Hi, Since the Galaxy note 10.1 (and even the Tab 10.1) have powerful ir transmitters could your app include their ir hardware drivers??I’m willing to test it functionality for you as I own a Sony A700 and a Sony A99 both of which are triggered by the same Sony ir remote.Regards.David GacucaSent from Samsung tablet

    • wegroo says:

      Unfortunately Samsung has not published any SDK, so we cannot communicate with built-in IR sensors. :(

  7. ted atencio says:

    I’m using a samsung galaxy note 10.1. I cant seem to find the menu or settings.

  8. dams1975 says:


    Have you provided sensor trigger (sound, light, schock…) in the new update?
    It will be able to trigger flash?


  9. Paul says:

    Is there a display size adjustment as it looks rather lost on a 10″ tablet? It is a little hard to read.