Using PhotoIRmote to take some night pics. We’ve used 35 seconds exposures, 5 seconds between each (enough because we don’t use noise reduction function in our camera). We’ll keep on posting photos More »



We’re receiving nice user comments using the CableMod. Glad for that.   More »


PhotoIRmote v2.0

PhotoIRmote v 2.0 will allow to use your phone as remote trigger. It includes intervalometer and auto exposure bracketing. Now you will be able to take timelapses, HDRs, long exposures photos using More »



PhotoIRmote is a complete intervalometer for your DSLR camera. We’ve added a DIY tutorial for making the IRmitter. More »


Long Exposure

Use PhotoIRmote to take long exposure photos. You can program your intervalometer and set a long exposure time in order to take long exposure photos. Look at this 8secs photo.  Exposure 8 More »

CABLE Version

We’re gonna launch PhotoIRmote 2.0 soon with some cool new features.
Best of all, you will be able to shoot your camera through cable!!. The efficency and speed will be much better.

Those who have problems with their phones due to weak output for IRmitters, may get their problem solved by this. Some others may just prefer to use the cable.

So, stay tuned.

New DIY tutorial!!

We have uploaded a new tutorial explaining how to build a compact irmitter (the smaller one).

We’ve also included a video showing how to test it.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Olympus IR Signal

We are building IR signal for OLYMPUS!!!


4 LEDs

Someone asked if you can use 4 LEDs to increase the light signal.

We supposed that 2 more leds don’t consume much power so it may work. We decided to try, but results were unsuccesful. Four leds instead of two don’t improve the IR signal. If your smartphone headset ouput is too weak for the basic IRmitter, then go for the active one!