This is the tutorial for building your own Compact IRmitter.

You need:

  • Two IR LEDs (940nm)
  • Mini Stereo Jack (3,5mm)
  • Thermoretractable (heat-shrinkable) tube

Also you may need:

  • Welder
  • Glue
  • Sandpaper


1. Flatten one side of each LED. Since we have to connect the LEDs in opposite way, pay attention to the side you flatten. You’ll have to connect the long lead of LED1 to the short lead of the LED2 and viceversa.

2. Stick the LEDs (it will be much easier to manipulate them if you stick them). Again, check that the leads of the LEDs are in opposite way.

3. Take the minijack and remove the cap. Then remove the ground flange (the big one) bending back and forth.

4. Back to LEDs. Bend the leads like in the picture below and cut off the remaining parts of the leads.

5. Solder the LEDs to the minijack. ‘Long lead1′+’short lead2′ to one flange and ‘short lead1 + long lead2′ to the other flange.

6. Take the cap of the jack and cut down to size. Put it on again. You may not wanna use it, but i think the cap makes the IRmitter steadier.

7. Cut the thermoretractable cover down to size. Put it on the jack and apply heat.

8. Done! :)


9. Test your Compact IRmitter.