PhotoIRmote needs an IRmitter (IR emitter) in order to stimulate the camera IR sensor. It converts the audio output signal of your phone into infrared signal.

You need:

  • 2 x InfraRed LEDs (940nm)
  • 1 x 3,5mm stereo minijack

Where to find the components:

  • 2 x InfraRed LEDs (940nm) >> In any radioshack or electronics store. Or even you can try to use some from an old TV remote.
  • 1 x 3,5mm stereo minijack >> Sure you have old earphones at home. If not, ┬áthen ask for the minijack in the electronics store.


  1.  Connect the two infrared LEDs to the left and right channel (join the red and blue points separately). Make sure that the two LEDs are connected in oposite position !!!
  2. Tape the wires separately to avoid short-circuit.

BASIC IRmitter:

The easiest way to make a practical and functional IRmitter is to take an old earphones cable and tape it to the two IR LEDs crossed like in the pictures below (it would be really weird that you had a couple of IR LEDs at home, so you’ll have to buy in some radioshack or electronics store).

Look at the two LEDs.

Pay attention on the LEDs. Both have a long leg and a short leg. All you have to do is to join the short leg of one LED to the long leg of the other LED and viceversa. Look at the picture below.

And now tape the legs to the wires following the picture below or the schema above.

In the picture above, notice that:

- IR LEDs are connected in opposite way.
- Ground wires are not connected to anything, you can cut them off.

Good luck!

* To tape wires works, but we recommend to solder them instead.
* Ask any question in the HELP section and we’ll try to help you.