PhotoIRmote works with any smartphone running android 2.1 or higher. You just need to do yourself an IRmitter.

The easier one. Most phones works with this one.

A little bit more difficult to make (it requires to be handy) but it’s smaller and nicer.
You may wanna use a extension cord with it.

  • Active IRmitter.

In some smartphones, the output signal through the headphones jack is too weak,  so it needs to be amplified. Active IRmitter amplifies the signal by itself.

Build your own AI (Active IRmitter). The schema is easy, but you’ll have to be trickier to mount it. We’re preparing a tutorial but in the meantime, you can check the great job by Walther Grube.

Or, the easiest, you can purchase some kind of earphone amplifier on ebay, dealextreme…