PhotoIRmote v2.0

Working great with a Samsung Galaxy S and a canon 450D

Update on March 16

PhotoIRmote 2.0 will be launched on March 16th, next Friday.

You will be able to trigger your DSLR through cable. This is how it looks like the multi-cable.


PhotoIRmote v2.0

PhotoIRmote v 2.0 will allow to use your phone as remote trigger. It includes intervalometer and auto exposure bracketing. Now you will be able to take timelapses, HDRs, long exposures photos using your DSLR and your Android phone.

Samsung cameras

PhotoIRmote 2.0 will include Samsung cameras IR support as the new Samsung EX1 (TL500)

Samsung Cameras supported: NV7 OPS, NV8, NV10, NV11, NV15, NV20, NV30, NV40, NV24HD, NV100HD, WB500, WB 550, WB1000, ST1000, SL820, TL320, TL500 (EX1), HZ15W, HZ10W, L74 Wide.