Using PhotoIRmote to take some night pics.

We’ve used 35 seconds exposures, 5 seconds between each (enough because we don’t use noise reduction function in our camera).

We’ll keep on posting photos on Flickr



New version 2.1 released



We’ve been away for too long. Many things have happened since last update (wedding, moving to other country, changing work, …). But we’re back with a new version supporting built-in IR sensors in Samsung and HTC devices among other new features and fixes.


New on v2.1:
- HTC and Samsung built-in IR supported.
- Night mode.
- Hold mode.
- Help screen (check it out).
- High res images.
- Tablets and small screens support.


- A bug concerning Screen always on has been fixed.
- A bug concerning Test IRmitter has been fixed.
- A bug concerning performance has been fixed.
- Minor bug fixes.
Any comments or feedback will be appreciated.



CableMod Tutorial Updated


we’ve updated the CableMod tutorial because there was some mistakes in the schematic. It’s already been corrected. Now, you shouldn’t have any problems following them.

If you had any trouble, we suggest to check out the revised tutorial.

* Thanks to Angel Sampedro for reported us the mistake.


Hi folks,

we’ve detected that Galaxy S3 works in a different way that other phones and we’re modifying PhotoIRmote in order to make it work with the Galaxy S3. Meanwhile we have checked it as unsupported device (so you won’t be able to get PhotoIRmote with your Galaxy S3). But don’t panic, in short time you will be able to use it with PhotoIRmote. We’re working hard on it : )

PS: for some time Galaxy S3 it’s been supported by the app, so some people might have downloaded it. If you downloaded PhotoIRmote and you try to download it again you will find a Google alert saying that your device is not supported any more. This may be really annoying, so please contact us by email. Anyway, we’re finding a solution so you could use your Galaxy S3 soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience.