• DSLR with remote port.
  • Smartphone running Android 2.1 or higher
  • PhotoIRmote v2.0
  • CableMod to connect your phone with your camera.





In order to connect your camera and your phone, you’ll need a plug for your phone (stereo jack 3,5mm) and another one for your camera.

Look for your camera Remote Port. What kind of connector does your camera use? Some of them use a stereo mini jack (2,5mm) that you can find everywhere. However, many of them use weird connectors that you can find and buy it for 2$ in ebay or somewhere.





Unfortunately, you can’t connect your camera to your phone just using a regular cable. You’ll have to modify a cable and that’s what we call CableMod. You just have to follow the steps.





Let’s build it.



You need:

  • Connector Jack 3,5mm stereo (male)
  • Connector Jack 3,5mm stereo (female)
  • NPN General Purpose Transistor BC547,  2N3904 (or equivalent)
  • Piece of stereo cable
  • Soldering iron and solder

 You can find all the components (connectors, cable and transistor) easily for 1$ or so.


Use this schematic as a guide. Watch the connections and the orientation of the transistor. You can choose either male-male or male-female schematic.


T1: a NPN general purpose transistor (BC547, 2N3904, or equivalent)

If you can’t understand electronical schematics, then you may find these easier:

NOTE: these schematics are using CBE pinout for BC547 transistor. Keep in mind that CBE pinout may be different in other general NPN transistors (see 2N3904 CBE pinout, for instance).

NOTE: If you use the male-female CableMod,  also you’ll need a regular cable (jack 3,5mm – your camera connector) to connect the CableMod to your camera.




Get ready!! We’re gonna build a cable that you can use with any camera.

Unscrew the covers of the jacks.

Remove the ground pin by bending it back and forth.

Place the transistor following the schematic. Watch the orientation of the transistor, notice the straight side.

Solder the pins of transistor following the schematic.

We’ve soldered the black cable to lead E of transistor (look at the schematic). That is the cable we’ll have to solder to the ground in the female connector.

And that’s all. Your CableMod is ready to use.

You just need to connect it to the regular cable your camera uses, and plug the whole cable to your phone.

As follows.


Then, run PhotoIRmote. Go to Menu > Settings > Remote Type and select “Cable Mode” and your ready!!


Here we are testing the cable we’ve just made with a canon 450D and a HTC Desire HD. And it works simply great!